Ralph Grizzle's Dream Cruises

What’s a Dream Cruise? That’s a fair question. What it’s not is a river cruise where you’ll learn about dreaming. Rather, it’s river cruise that pulls together the best of Europe. For me, that’s traveling in comfort along enchanting waterways, with multiple opportunities for destination immersion, cultural encounters, pedaling and hiking – and sharing the experience with others who are passionate about travel.

For more than a decade now, I’ve hosted my Dream Cruises on barges. The barges are smaller than river cruise ships and only transit the French canals. The barge experience is exquisite. That’s why I’m definitely not done with barge trips, even though I’ve barged nearly all the French canals, some multiple times. But last year I decided to offer hosted cruises for those who prefer the rivers and larger vessels, hence the birth of my Dream Cruises.

I am fortunate that I can price these appealingly. What do I bring to table? First off, that attractive pricing. Second, I know the rivers quite well. I’ve lived in Europe, and I have been on more than 50 river cruises during my career. I’ll be there to share my knowledge, assist and hopefully make the trip more exciting and fun than it would otherwise be. Also, I’ve chosen the rivers, the ships and the time of year. So for those of you who may struggle with which river cruise to experience, I’ve done the work for you. I hope you can join me on one of my Dream Cruises. 

October 2025

Colors of Provence

Who doesn’t love Provence? My Dream Cruise itinerary takes us to romantic (and Roman) cities to foodie havens and artistic epicenters. We will begin our cruise in  Arles, where we will trace the steps of famous artists including Van Gogh and Picasso. In Avignon, we’ll explore the sprawling commune with an array of UNESCO World Heritage Sites, intriguing art museums and historic charm. We’ll savor savor the beauty of legendary vineyards and imbibe in local vintages like Beaujolais and Côtes du Rhône. We will even become experts in all things culinary as we go in search of the highly prized “Black Diamond” truffles and learn how to pair chocolate with wine. We’ll end our cruise in Lyon, France’s culinary capital. 

October 2024

Rhine & Moselle Fairytales

Pages from fairytales come to life as we find inspiration along the fabled, castle-laden Rhine and its breathtaking tributary, the Moselle, with fascinating scenery of Europe’s steepest vineyards lining its shores. Encounter some of the prettiest towns of the Alsace—Strasbourg and Riquewihr—that blend their German and French heritage into one enchanting masterpiece. Cochem and Bernkastel, towns that grew up below a castle, give you a sense of what it was like to live during the Middle Ages. Visit Trier, once known as the second Rome as no other city in Germany has so many monuments from Roman times; and Koblenz, where history meets at two rivers. Bygone grandeur of a different kind can be found at Mannheim’s glorious Baroque Palace. Colorful canals and glistening lakes, hilltop towns and majestic alps, mighty fortresses and storied castles, and hearty beer and delicate wines can all be experienced on this fairytale journey through time.